If you like working out at home or just can't make it to the gym all the time... I feel you. I don't make it to the gym every single day, and rather than skipping the workouts- I do them at home! Here are my favorite workout items that I have at home! 


1. Yoga Mat

Even if you don't do yoga, you NEED a yoga mat. I use this to do my workouts on at home. I prefer the thicker mat so I have some padding from the floor. You can do your workouts on a carpet or towel, but this makes it so much more enjoyable and comfortable! This is an essential for me. Here's the one I use:


2. Jump Rope

This is my all time favorite form of cardio. At first, I was really, really bad at jump rope, but over time I got better (and you can too!) This is a killer way to burn fat, get your heart rate up, and bring your workouts to the next level. I alternate between jumping rope & running every other day and I find this so much more enjoyable than running every day. Cardio is key to burning fat and weight loss. I incorporate cardio into my everyday workouts to maintain my muscle & tone, while keeping the fat off! My jump rope is one of my favorite gym essentials- plus it's so tiny you can bring it with you wherever you go! It's like a portable gym! Here's the one I use:


3. Booty Bands

These little things may look irrelevant, but they take your butt workouts from 0 to 100 reeeeal quick. If you don't have these already, get them. They help engage more of your muscles when targeting your glutes and legs. These little things transformed my lower body into what it is today. I credit these bands for all of my tone and lift in my glutes & lower body! They are the best. These bands are so tiny, you can bring them everywhere you go! Here's the one I use (it's a set of 3):


4. A Set of Dumbbells 

Having a set of dumbbells at home has made me become more accountable with my workouts. If I don't want to go to the gym but my workout requires weights- It's much easier to pull a pair out of my closet than skip the workout entirely. I have 2 sets at home- a 5 lb set and a 10 lb set. However, you don't need both. I recommend having at least one at home! I started with the 5 lb set and just recently added the 10 lb to my collection. To really advance your workouts and see killer results, you're going to have to use weights. Here's the ones I use:

5 lb set: (don't forget to order two weights!)

10 lb set:


and that's it! Those are my 4 essential workout pieces! All of the links are affiliate links, so if you buy the products through my links I make a very small percentage of the sale! This helps support my business so I can keep offering you guys some killer workout plans! I hope you found this post as useful as I do!  


See you in the next one!  





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